Health & Wealth Program
from Combined Worksite Solutions

Published Monday, May 11, 2020

Benefits For All

Deborah Hudson-Jenkins, Account Executive at Combined Worksite Solutions

Deborah Hudson-Jenkins, Account Executive at Combined Worksite Solutions, a Chubb Company, says…

“Now more than ever, small and midsize businesses are looking for ways to provide benefits for employees, not only because they need them, or because it will help retain their best people, but because it’s the right thing to do!”

Employees receive valuable benefits -
24/7 and at $0 Copay

Employers receive an infusion of cash and gratitude!

Health & Wealth Program

Employee Benefits

Medical Care: Participating employees have free access to telehealth benefits. Telehealth has become the frontline for screening to reduce exposure for employees seeking care.

Counseling: Your employees will have access to licensed clinicians for mental health needs such as: depression, anxiety, substance use problems, stress, grief as well as crisis support. Legal and financial issues can also be addressed with the help of our certified financial planners and lawyers.

Supplemental Insurance: Protect your employees from unexpected medical expenses. Our Benefits includes policies for Hospitalization, Critical Illness, Disability, & Life. These policies pay cash directly to the employee, creating financial security & peace of mind. 


Employer Benefits

Provide your employees with more benefits and healthier outcomes without damaging your cash flow or reducing your employees take-home pay.

Medical telehealth benefits at $0 copay, and supplemental benefits ($1,800/yr average) that reduce their financial risk.

Your company will save an average of $500 in reduced FICA tax obligation per participating employee per year.

We work with you to determine the best way to engage your employees. Remote enrollment is available for employees to learn more and sign-up for our program with the help of a licensed benefit specialist, all from the comfort of their home or workplace.


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