Yonkers Firefighters Give Small Business a Boost

Published Monday, March 30, 2020

Yonkers Firefighters Rescue MainThere is no question that our local businesses have been financially devastated by the COVID19 outbreak. In order to help them through their tough times, Lt. Peter Doran and the Yonkers Fire Fighters have been purchasing gift cards to their favorite local businesses with the intention of not using those gift cards until after the current pandemic is over. Within the framework of a traditional Secret Santa exchange, everyone will swap cards after the pandemic is over, to allow for a further investment in the community as everyone will have the opportunity to explore businesses and restaurants that are new to them. This not only gives our local businesses an extra bump of cashflow to get them through this season, but also brings them brand new customers. We encourage everyone in the community to join the Yonkers Fire Fighters in Operation Rescue Main Street! Take the blueprint that the Yonkers Fire Fighters have laid out and do this with your friends, families, coworkers and associates! Your gift card purchase doesn’t have to be $100. Anything helps right now! When you purchase a gift card from a local business, post it on your social media with the hashtag #rescuemainstreet to help spread the awareness of this incredible cause!


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