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Posted by: Jeanne Martinelli on Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 12:00:00 am

Need a stunning, eye-catching drone service in the Tri-State to showcase your business, real estate listings, or photogrammetry services like roof and façade inspections? Skylife Aerial Imaging is your best bet at getting the best drone service in the Tri-State area. We are Sri-states premier drone service company in NY providing high-quality photography, videography and photogrammetry.

Our aim at Skylife Aerial Imaging is simple, to provide you with the best aerial video and photography service beyond what our competitors can offer. At Skylife Aerial Imaging, we do more than just take pictures from above, our processes are focused on superior quality, excellent customer service and uncompromised safety standards.

Why choose us?

Expert drone operators

Am sure you’d like nothing less than stunning videos, photos, and a better quicker way to inspect your building conditions and project progression to promote your products, properties, or services and give your customers an amazing experience. Skylife Aerial Imaging boast many years of experience in drone operation which allows us to fly complex and precise flight paths producing amazing aerial imagery and gathering useful data.


Using camera-equipped drones, Skylife Aerial Imaging can perform accurate building and land inspections, creating 3D maps using orthomosaic imaging.

These maps can be used for

  • Outdoor Special Events
  • Search & rescue for local PD
  • Roof Inspections.
  • Façade inspections
  • Preserve a historic site
  • Construction sites to be able to make near real-time better decision of their project and keep track of its progression.
  • Better planning of marathons

Down the years, we have provided Ney York business and organizations with reliable, safe, cost-efficient services and you’re about to be next. With Skyline Aerial Imaging, you’re guaranteed an incredible production value no matter how large or small the scale of production is. Get in touch with us today and get an experience of a lifetime,

Skylife Aerial Imaging
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Yonkers, NY 10703
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